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Dress to Impress!

For me it was all about the dress- so when we decided to elope and have a celebration at home I wondered how I could persuade my husband-to-be that TWO dresses were in order! Luckily, it was an easy sell as thanks to the help of a lovely lady I found both dresses for less than one anywhere else.... I first saw Mollydollys pop up on a local selling page and was drawn to the fact that she was local, independent and her dresses were "one offs." I made an appointment and was surprised to find she is my (now) sister-in-laws neighbour! Sally was immediately welcoming and non-salesy, which was a welcome change after being made to feel very uncomfortable in a number of High Street shops. I didn't find my dress that day, but I did find a friend in Sally and I kept my fingers crossed just the right dress would come up with Sally! After an epic four visits I began to wonder if I may have to go elsewhere as I was fast running out of time- Sally has an AMAZING array of dresses- but none were quite "it." One evening, a lovely tea length dress came up on my news feed, size 12- sigh! But, ever the optimist I made an appointment. I loved it and off I went to a brilliant seamstress, Toni who worked her magic and altered it perfectly! The same day I also spied a dress i'd seen the first time I went to Sally- I was now a stone lighter (Running around like a blue a*sed fly had its advantages!) I tried it on and immediately loved that too- so much so I didn't want to look anymore!


urge anyone wanting a friendly, professional service to go and see Sally, you won't be disappointed! This lady has the patience of a saint- not once did I feel pressured or as though I was wasting her time- a truly wonderful experience, just what any bride-to-be deserves!

Massive thanks also needs to go to the wonderful Toni, who expertly altered both dresses in record time and at a great price- I couldn't have asked for a better experience from either of these wedding fairy godmothers!

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