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Food Glorious Food!

Given my small frame people generally roll their eyes when I say i'm a complete 'foodie'- But it's true, so to be overcome with nerves and excitement on the days leading up to the wedding- to the point I couldn't face eating was awful! On the day itself I was so relieved it was all going to plan, yet still couldn't eat- this time due to my dress! My advice- try on your dress ahead of time and try to eat in it, if it's uncomfortable- get it taken out! Nevertheless, I took food to our room to enjoy later- 9am the next morning I chowed my way through a "Monster Burger!" Sooooooo good!!

When people think of wedding food they generally imagine five-course formal dining- this isn't me, going back to my earlier comment, I AM a foodie, but food that's been fussed with in minuscule portions? No thanks! Our favourite thing is going for tea and cake on a Sunday afternoon- or any day come to think of it! So that's what we did, afternoon tea served on vintage crockery by wonderful waitresses in 50's dresses with victory rolls and the most amazing Jazz duo playing- Perfection! Sandwiches and cake is all very well, but we have MEN to feed! So in the evening we opted for the Deli Truck- a vintage truck that arrived and cooked our "Monster" Burgers, Pulled Pork and Halloumi, with amazing sides- Liams favourite food is a good burger, this didn't disappoint! Dennis and his wife did an amazing job, the compliments kept coming at how good it was! When it came to our wedding cake, it was a no-brainer, we got "officially" married in New York and we both LOVE New York cheesecake! There is a little shop in Hastings, East Sussex- Michala's Cute Cakes that has the best cheesecake i've ever tasted! We ordered three, in the hope that everyone would be full, so plenty left to scoff in the days following! (That plan paid off -I was on a sugar high for days!) Michelle, from Blossom Bakers made me a pretty top tier, to add a touch of "wedding" and... Ta-dah! Our scrummy cake!

My advice would be, think outside the box! What do you like to eat? -Why stick to tradition when there's a caterer able to provide anything possible!

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